The sand in california.

Yosemite National Park 1.

After four days in San Francisco we headed east towards Yosemite National Park. I was completely flabberghasted when we passed the viewpoint Tunnel View on our way to the camp village – Yosemite is definitely one of the most impressive and beautiful places I’ve seen so far. And I pretty much grew up in the German Alps and we have some amazing mountains here…!

On the first picture you can see Half Dome and this one shows El Capitan, two of the most famous granite rock formations in Yosemite Valley. I took so many pictures, it was quite a task to select the ones I wanted to post on my blog. Anyways, I still had to split it into two posts, otherwise it just would’ve been way too much too handle at once ;-)

The sun sets on Half Dome and makes it glow like it was on fire. Never seen anything like it before…!

Merced River and Glacier Point.

Amazing wildlife: saw a bear sitting in an apple tree and a doe with her baby fawn *__*

The Yosemite Valley meadows. So serene and beautiful.

Since the famous Yosemite Falls are all dried up in summer, we hiked up to Vernal falls instead. I didn’t like the first part of the ‘hike’ so much because it was ridiculously crowded with people and there weren’t any hiking trails – there were actual streets up the mountains. Just didn’t really feel like an adventure out in the nature at all! Until we hiked down on an entirely different trail that was completely deserted. I hated all the tourists in Yosemite, it was just waaay too much. And the view on the way down was a lot better as well:

Some rock formation I forgot the name of and Nevada falls on the right :)

Part II coming soon! Featuring Giant Sequioa trees, Glacier point, Tenaya lake and photos from the amazing Tunnel View!

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4 thoughts on “Yosemite National Park 1.

  1. Photography by Gisele Morgan on said:

    wow! amazing formations and a great place to visit! Love the golden reflection of the 3rd image ♥

  2. Thanks you guys! If it wasn’t for all the tourists, it would be one of my all-time favorite places on earth! :)

  3. Beautiful pictures! I’ve had Yosemite at the top of my list for some time now… I can’t wait!!!

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