The sand in california.

San Francisco – fuck you.

This lovely fella greeted us on Haight & Ashbury and I loved his attitude – smiling and insulting passers-by all at the same time :D

So our next stop after Monterey was San Francisco! I’ve already been there during spring break (links 1 & 2) but since my boyfriend has never been to SF before we basically did all the usual touristy stuff again. I already did two posts on San Francisco and all the typical places before so in this post I’ll show some different photos and also some pictures my boyfriend took ;-)

We stayed at the beautiful Marines Memorial Club right next to Union Square which offers considerable discount to members of the military. My boyfriend being in the German Air Force came in quite handy this time!

City view from coit tower and Golden Gate covered in thick fog – that didn’t change for our entire stay and was really annoying. My boyfriend couldn’t get a single decent picture of the bridge!

View from Lombard Street.

After making San Francisco the holy land of his novel On the Road, Jack Kerouac definitely deserves a SF street named after him.

At Filbert Street, the steepest street in San Francisco!

And now some pictures my boyfriend took with his phone:

Cable car climbing up the steep hills of San Francisco//the bay and Alcatraz in the background.

Walking towards Financial District and the Transamerica Pyramid.

Digging the SF nightlife!

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6 thoughts on “San Francisco – fuck you.

  1. You’re both so talented! Haha I love that photo of you both sitting on Filbert Street. Did you have to run away after you took the photo? I see a car coming your way! :)

  2. Great shots! I adore San Francisco, and you really captured it well. I second tokyohamster: that shot of you two sitting in the middle of the street is fantastic. Glad you enjoyed your time in SF!

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