The sand in california.


[beautiful summer’s day at lake Sylvenstein.]

It’s been over a month since my last blog post! I feel so bad…!

My last weeks in the U.S. were really great, we had the most fun road trip and I have tons of amazing pictures to show you. But for now I thought I’d show you pictures of my home instead:

[hike up the Seekar close to Lenggries, Germany.]

I came back to Germany on Aug 8th and on my very first weekend back here I went on a beautiful mountain hike with my friends. You can see the breathtaking view of the bavarian and austrian Alps in the background.

[this little fella was blocking the path at one point :)]

[Summit cross on top of the mountain. This is a very typical thing in Germany, haven’t seen that in the US so far …]

I haven’t been doing many exciting things since I got back here, this is what I usually do every summer in Germany and it doesn’t reall feel that special anymore. I know how stupid that sounds, I should be grateful for all this, but after all the different landscapes and sceneries that I got to see in the states, Bavaria (although still beautiful to me) is just same old, same old.

I did and saw so many exciting things in those seven months in America that I’m just a little unimpressed with the things back here. It feels like I grew out of my old life, it’s like a piece of clothing that you still like somehow but it doesn’t really fit properly anymore.

As you can see, I’m having a little trouble with getting back to my old life here. We’ll see if it’s just a temporary thing and just takes a while for me to get used to things again – or if  I got used to like that air of adventure and new experience that comes about with living in a different country so that I’ll probably go abroad again soon.

We’ll see what the future brings! ;-)

[summer sunset a little outside of my hometown of Bad Tölz, Germany.]

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4 thoughts on “home.

  1. Beautiful. I love the colors!

  2. Photography by Gisele Morgan on said:

    home sweet home ♥ beautiful views ♥

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