The sand in california.

Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Yesterday it was time for me to say goodbye to beautiful Santa Barbara. You cannot imagine how sad I was, saying goodbye to all my friends and leaving this beautiful place…

We embarked on our road trip yesterday morning and are currently in Monterey, CA. Today we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, a really fun place but I don’t really recommend going there on a Saturday, it was incredibly crowded. Every once in a while I only narrowly avoided knocking over some random kids, haha.


This is the biggest fish tank I’ve ever seen, it’s supposed to show you how life in the deep ocean looks like…they had Tuna, small Mackerels or something and even some rather moderate-sized sharks in there! The glass pane is supposed to be one of the biggest in the world.

The jelly fish room! Probably my favorite part of the aquarium after the deep ocean room.

Tomorrow we’re headed to San Francisco and after that we’re going on to explore Yosemite National Park.

I hope I can keep you posted on a regular basis, but I can’t make any promises.

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3 thoughts on “Monterey Bay Aquarium.

  1. Considered as number one aquarium in the world, in which I undeniably agree.

  2. I have so many photos of those jellyfish from our visit there last year!

  3. Hi Conni!

    I’ve found your blog recently and really love your photography and reading about your travels. You’re such a talented photographer! I’ve nominated you for the beautiful blogger award. You can see it here:

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