The sand in california.

all my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…

…well, almost. That John Denver song has been stuck in my ear for the last few days!

I’m sorry you haven’t heard from me in so long but I’m terribly busy these days with preparing for my finals, spending time with my boyfriend and trying to figure out how to fit the enormous amounts of clothes I bought here into two suitcases. Right now I can’t decide between shipping a huge package in the mail or checking a third suitcase, both of which will be almost equally expensive…

I doubt I will have the time to do proper blog posts during our upcoming road trip either and the first two weeks back home in Germany will be incredibly busy as well but after that I have a huge load of pictures in stock for you guys. I’m really sorry, I can’t figure out how many bloggers still manage to keep up their regular postings while traveling, I certainly can’t.

Also, I really want to enjoy my last days in California as much as possible, even though I have tons of stuff to do lol. That picture was taken last Saturday when my cousin was visiting from San Francisco and we went to Red Rock again. I think it represents the blissful and sad mood that I’m in right now very well!


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3 thoughts on “all my bags are packed, I’m ready to go…

  1. Saying Goodbye is always a sad matter, but be assured there are many people looking forward to get you back to Bavaria :-)
    Love, Alf

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog and hope you still keep blogging once you\’re home ;) I\’m (finally) going to visit Santa Barbara this weekend! Can you recommend any good places like beaches, restaurants, cafés ect?

    • I will definitely keep up with the blogging, that’s for sure! :) Too bad I’m already gone when you’re here, but of course there are some cool places to recommend.
      The prettiest beach is definitely Hendry’s beach, it’s a little outside of SB (like a 5 min drive) but it is so pretty. If you don’t have a car, go to Shoreline beach or East beach, they’re pretty too, and easier to get to. If you have a car, I also recommend going to The Boathouse at Hendry’s Beach for dinner, it’s a really good seafood restaurant and it’s right next to the beach so the view is amazing. Otherwise, go to Holdren’s (best steaks in town), Arigato (great sushi) or to Zaytoon (middle eastern food & cozy outdoor patio). Nice café places are Longboard’s on the pier, Shoreline cafe at Shoreline beach or Sandbar on State street. Sandbar is also a great place to hang out at night before you hit the clubs! And if you wanna go clubbing, I recommend Savoy and EOS. Hope that was helpful to you :)

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