The sand in california.

Independence Day.

On Wednesday America celebrated Independence Day! You could hear words like Freedom! Independence! Gift of Liberty! literally EVERYWHERE, the news, magazines, written on cars :D And I’m not even getting started on the numerous star-spangled banners waving all over town or the cannon built from Budweiser Kegs and sixpacks at Ralphs (one of SB’s supermarkets)!

I met up with some friends to watch the parade on State Street at noon and what can I say, I really enjoyed it! We don’t have parades like that in Germany (except for carnival, but that’s a different thing) and I got a little jealous because it is so easy and natural for Americans to show their patriotism whereas its a rather uncommon thing in Germany. That’s quite sad but I guess Germans being careful about national pride is still a relict from WWI & II.

Anyways, here are some pictures from the parade:

War veterans and a Bell-something helicopter used in the Vietnam war.

Normally Americans LOVE to bbq on the 4th of July but this time the weather wasn’t good enough and it was a little cold outside…that’s why we went home really quick after the parade and then hit some of the bars before watching the fireworks.

me with one of the waiters at Sharkeez

The beach was packed with people, all waiting for the fireworks to start.

And then it began! The firework show lasted almost half an hour and was very different from how we do our fireworks in Germany! Those fireworks explained America in a nutshell: louder, bigger, more colorful and more expensive then everything I’ve seen before haha!


I was a little deaf after it ended and that’s no suprise, the explosions from the fireworks were so intense, at some point you could even feel the blast wave. The whole time a music corps from the U.S. Air Force was playing patriotic music and at one point some random guy stood up, threw his fist in the air and shouted “proud to be American, God bless the USA!” whereupon everyone started cheering and applauding him :) This day was just so overloaded with American patriotism, it’s almost like you’re being brainwashed, you just can’t help it, you’ll LOVE America :D

On a different matter…

The anouncement of the discovery of the Higgs Boson was also a pretty big topic on wednesday…

….and the typical American reaction to it:

just kidding, I love Americans and their obsession about freedom :D

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4 thoughts on “Independence Day.

  1. I love State Street! It’s been years since I’ve been to Santa Barbara. Looks like you had a great spot for the parade! Thanks!

  2. omg a feloow santa barbara blogger!!! haha i stumbled across your blog from bikini and passports… toooo funny! love this! xx,
    The Golden Girls

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