The sand in california.

sneak peek.

Just quickly wanted to show you a picture from tonight. Watched the 4th of July firework show at the beach, it was perfect. Earlier today we watched the parade on State Street, really impressive with all the marching bands, bagpipe players and so on…!

Lately I’ve been a little busy with some work for my classes and also I need to get started with my preparations for going home…I don’t even wanna think about it! I remember when I arrived here exactly half a year ago and how long I thought those six months away from home were going to be…and now it’s almost over and it hasn’t been nearly long enough!  Anyways, I’m gonna show you some of the pictures I took today and I also still owe you the pictures I promised you from the road trip we did like…3 weeks ago? haha, time flies!

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2 thoughts on “sneak peek.

  1. This is an amazing picture. You’re so talented! Hope you had great travels!

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