The sand in california.

San Diego – Balboa Park.

While in San Diego we also went to Balboa Park,  a really beautiful place with amazing architecture. This part of the park is like a little village with tiny houses and shops where artists display and sell their paintings, jewelry and so on. Unfortunately, all the shops were closed when we were there…

I just loved the colorful cobbled floor!

Churchtower in Balboa Park. The architecture of the buildings reminds me a lot of the old buildings in Barcelona.

Such a wonderful and serene place. It was suprisingly quiet and relaxed here.

German pavillon

Another really cool thing in Balboa Park is a little village with small pavillons from many countries in the world, including the German pavillon. We picked a really bad date for coming here because the pavillons were also closed haha! But well, I was still happy to have found that place :) Btw, for my readers who don’t speak German, the sign above the door means something like “coziness”, it’s a very typical German expression and rather hard to translate.

Janina at the county fair.

We also checked out the San Diego County Fair, which was like a huge Volksfest as we would say in the South of Germany :D Although American fairs are always different, you don’t only have the typical stuff like small roller coasters, a ferris wheel, shooting stands and all that – they also displayed cattle, pigs and other farm animals, they had something like a craftsmen’s exhibition and even a little space exhibition thing sponsored by the NASA but I found that rather poorly done and boring since I’ve already seen that stuff in the Air & Space Museum in Washington.

And now behold the most disgusting food I’ve ever seen here in all the 6 months that I’ve lived here:

Seriously, I thought Americans and their weird obsession about the most unhealthy foods ever couldn’t surprise me any longer but obviously I was wrong! Chocolate? pretty good! Bacon? Really really good. But both of them together? That is just g r o s s  XD

Oh yeah, btw did I mention that there was something like an aerial passenger way going from one end of the fair to the other? I mean the whole area was pretty huge but I guess that was intended for all the overweight and lazy Americans who were too lazy to walk the whole way :P

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5 thoughts on “San Diego – Balboa Park.

  1. dada on said:

    hahahaha id love to taste chocolate bacon :D sounds very interessting. if you didnt make a stop and taste then you made a b i g mistake :D

    • naaah nothing in the world would make me spend my money on that. It’s just something that can’t go well together. And I’m also that kind of person who doesn’t like all the other weird american combinations like peanutbutter & jelly and so on so chocolate covered bacon just WOULDN’T WORK for me :P

  2. wow, beautiful places…. :) it’s true, it seems to be in Barcellona!

  3. love all the colors! Beautiful photography! Thank you for your comment on my blog!

    love & light


  4. Photography by Gisele Morgan on said:

    love the colourful tiles/floor ♥

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