The sand in california.

USS Midway.

The USS Midway

Roughly two and a half weeks ago after I just got home from my trip to the East Coast I visited my friend Janina in San Diego again. This time we weren’t as busy with all the sightseeing that I wanted to do as I’ve already seen a lot on my previous visit. There were  a few places left that I wanted to see and -spoiler alert- I didn’t manage to go to Sea World San Diego this time either. Hopefully me and my boyfriend can include a stop in SD on our little road trip when he’s visiting me (only less then three weeks left to go!!) and then I’ll get to go to Sea World -.- .

Anyways, one of the things that were still left on my list was the USS Midway, a HUGE aircraft carrier that has been opened to the public and has a little museum inside.

Janina and some jetplane. Guys will know the name of it I guess :P

me striking a pose in front what I believe is a F22 “Hornet”?

EDIT: my boyfriend just informed me that I’m standing in front of a F18 “Hornet”, not F22 (that would be a “Raptor”). And Janina’s looking at a F4 Phantom :P Haha, totally got it all wrong it seems :P

It was only a couple of days after I saw all these aircrafts, including military jetplanes, in the National Air & Space Museum in Washington, D.C. but this was still a very different experience. The planes were on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier and therefore a much more “natural” habitat than in a museum building – the whole thing just felt a lot more real. If you have the chance I’d definitely recommend visiting both places.

The aircrafts by far weren’t everything there was to see though. As I’ve already mentioned, the whole ship was converted into a museum and now you can walk around and explore the captain’s and admiral’s private rooms (they even have their private kitchen and private chefs!) and walk through the dull and rather claustrophobic corridors…

You could also see the rooms were all the instruments for navigating the ship were, obviously I felt really important randomly pushing some buttons without having a clue what I was doing :D I guess that device here is a sonar machine?

There was also a room with a huge rectangular table with maps covering the walls; that apparently was the room were all the strategic decisions were made. The maps showed the coast of Iraq during the Gulf War where the ship was last deployed before it was “retired”. On the table you could even see a “flight plan” for the ship with a rather interesting cover :D I thought that funmaking, badass attitude it was supposed to convey is exactly how they always picture American soldiers in movies.

Obviously I was really fascinated with the ship and the airplanes and maybe that’s also because my boyfriend’s in the Air Force too. But either way the I think the USS Midway is definitely one of the highlights of San Diego.

I’m writing blog posts every day now because I still have so many things I haven’t showed you and I don’t wanna procrastinate on it since I’m soon having exams again and then my boyfriend’s coming here and I’m not so sure if I’ll have the time to blog much then :)

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2 thoughts on “USS Midway.

  1. Photography by Gisele Morgan on said:

    looks so cool! great photos!

  2. sounds like it was a lot of fun! love janina’s and your outfits :)

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