The sand in california.

Washington, D.C.


Hello everyone! I am so sorry, its been two weeks since you last heard from me but I was at first just really busy with school starting again and stuff and then I was just lazy :P

I still wanted to show you all some of the pictures of what I did when I was in D.C. like almost a month ago, haha.

I think I’m splitting this into three shorter posts instead of squeezing everything into two. The other ones will just be posted automatically tomorrow and on Friday so make sure you come back for more!

Washington Monument

The last two weeks weren’t really that busy, I just had to get used to the daily routine of classes, studying, working out and so on. Summer school is quite different from the previous semester, mostly all the international students have left and it seems like I’m the only non-American around – which is also quite fun for a change!

The Lincoln Memorial

at the Lincoln at night :)

Abraham Lincoln’s statue

I love all the monuments in DC. The architecture and design of the buildings are so impressive and they have the same kind of awestruck air around them like some of the monuments in Europe. The Lincoln statue at night just gives me the chills. There are so many monumens, memorials, wonderful old buildings and fascinating museums around that the city definitely sometimes gives you the impression of being more like a rather old city in Europe than a comparatively young and new capital.

The obligatory picture of the White House of course :) I couldn’t manage to take a better picture since the security around it was even more strict than it usually is, apparently because they had to plant a new “National Christmas Tree” or something (yes, something like this exists in America xD). But the White House doesn’t really look that impressive in real life anyway. Schloss Bellevue and especially the Kanzleramt in Berlin are much more badass if you ask me…!

Another picture of the Jefferson Memorial. Beautiful location!

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