The sand in california.

New York City I

Prepare yourselves for some major picture overload people – I’m back from my trip to the East Coast and what can I say? It was A M A Z I N G . I saw so many things in such a short time, I couldn’t get myself to do anything at all yesterday, just spent the day at home doing nothing, completely mentally & physically exhausted haha. Although we only had two days to explore New York we managed to see almost all the cliché tourist attractions Manhattan has to offer! We stayed at The Hudson, a beautifully designed but affordable hotel just minutes away from the southern end of Central Park. I can only recommend that hotel to all of you! But done with the talking now, here are some pictures from our first day in NY:


[on the way to the airport // at Rockefeller Plaza // view from the hotel rooftop terrace.]


[view of the Empire State Building and Central Park from Rockefeller Center.]


[beautiful buildings and yellow cabs everywhere // The Plaza Hotel in the middle.]


[me & Erika biking around Central Park , the city’s “green lung” & “oasis of tranquility”.]

[looking at Manhattan’s skyscrapers from far away feels like being in an entirely different world.]

[View from Rockefeller Center.]


[skyscrapers on 5th Ave. // crazy buzz on Times Square // new vs. old.]


[right outside Tiffany’s on 5th Ave. with the biggest smile on my face // bought a little NY souvenir at Tiffany’s // fooling around at the Apple store.]

Holy Molly what a long post! And that was only day 1 of our New York adventures, can you believe it? We’ve seen SO much in such a short time!

Thanks for making it through all the way down here, haha. I’m visiting my bestie Janina in San Diego tomorrow and after that Chisato & I are going on a little road trip, that’s why I want to get most of the blog posts done before I leave.

As you can probably judge from the pictures, New York was just breathtaking. So much to see, so much to do, but you’ll never have enough time to do everything, not even if you live there. New York is just too much to handle, but in a very good way. I could get lost in this city forever.

Here’s the picture gallery. makes it easier to go through all the pictures I posted.

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7 thoughts on “New York City I

  1. So glad you had fun!

  2. I love this city for the ample amount of activities to do and wonderful sights to see. But I hate the darn traffic and high gas price! Hehe

  3. awww it looks so awesome! i wish i could’ve been there, too!

  4. Home sweet home! Sort of, hehe. New York City has always been in my own “backyard”, and I love to see it through other people’s eyes. I am so glad you enjoyed it so much! But you are right, it is a LOT to handle, even for a day. I find that I am more physically and mentally drained after a day in NYC than anywhere else (but it’s so worth it).

  5. Looks like you’re having fun :) Amazing pictures as always – your colors and composition are always so on point! I’m wondering what’s inside that Tiffany’s box! :P

  6. thoughtinker on said:

    I love your photos! They’re awesome:)

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