The sand in california.


The last couple of days in Santa Barbara were wonderful and sad at the same time. We have vacation now and classes don’t start again until June 18 so we’ve been doing all kinds of fun activities like hiking, bbqing, chilling at the beach, partying and so on.

The not so fun part is that I had to say goodbye to so many of my friends who went home again. Everyday it was someone else’s turn to say goodbye and after more than a week of doing this, I”m emotionally exhausted now. I’ve met so many wonderful people and gathered so many beautiful memories in the last couple of months, I’ll never forget you guys. ♥

[days at the beach // gotta love SB!]

[playin’ around // enjoying the tranquility of the beach after the Memorial Day craziness.]

On Saturday we went “hiking” to Red Rock, a really beautiful spot just outside Santa Barbara with cool swimming holes and rocks from where you can jump in. I felt like a little kid again, climbing rocks, jumping in the water and swim around all the time without ever wanting to come back out, haha.

Although it’s not really much of a hike since its only a 5 minute walk from the parking lot, but as I found out after you can extend the hike to a round trip of about 6 miles so that’s not too bad. I love this place so much already and this was definitely not the last time I’ve been there.


[soaking up the sun and enjoying life.]

[about to jump in!]

The next time you’ll hear from me will take a while since I’m going to f***ing NEW YORK CITY tomorrow!! :) 

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5 thoughts on “bittersweet.

  1. You’re heading to my neck of the woods. Have fun!

  2. Sounds good. I like the lighting on those, looks real nice.

  3. Beautiful photos. I love this time of year too, and all the playtime and beach days and warm summer nights it brings, but goodbyes are never fun.

    I hope you enjoy NYC! I’m originally from around there… even though I’m currently on the opposite side of the world. :-)

  4. Have a great trip to NYC! Wow – Red Rock looks so beautiful. I’ve heard of it but never made the trek up there. I might just have to next time I’m in the area. Great photos as always :)

  5. Life & Sunshine on said:

    we were just at Red Rock on Sunday, such a fun place to spend a warm day :)

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