The sand in california.

bonfire after finals.

Finally finals are over! After spending the entire last week in the library, I had my last final on Friday and now I’m free! What an amazing feeling…! So many things have happened in the last couple of days – I’ve barely been home and we’ve really been trying to seize the day. One of the best nights in a long time was on Sunday. We went to Hendry’s Beach (my new favorite beach around here btw) and made a bonfire!


[beautiful Hendry’s Beach – a must-see location in the SB area]


Our cozy fire…it was so nice and warm, grilling marshmellows, listening to the waves and watching the stars…just like in one of the movies (or OC episodes)…I always thought they exagerrated…but living in California is really just like that.

what an amazing night.

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  1. Gorgeous sunset! I love the photos :)

  2. These are really amazing shots….I hope to make it out there from CT some time in the future….great work!

  3. That sounds like a blast!

  4. The first image is just breathtaking :D

  5. Nothing like a fire on a summer night. A great way to unwind after finals! I wish I didn’t live in the city. I miss summer fires.

  6. annlivingston on said:

    What a wonderful post! I absolutely love california beaches. Right now I’m at the Virgina oceanfront. After seeing your post I’m thinking of recruiting a group for smores and scary tales. :) Thank you for the inspiration. I’d love to see you by my page sometime.

  7. That is defiantly a good way to celebrate and relax at the same time :)

  8. nice article

  9. Such a relaxing place to be! :)

  10. Beautiful Photos! Glad you enjoyed yourself after working so hard, you deserved it! Thank you for sharing!

    ♥ Love and light ♥

    ~ Jennifer

  11. This one is Nice, :)

    T h i n k A n y t i m e

  12. A perfect night indeed. Breathtaking photos!

  13. these are awesome photos!

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  15. Damn, I miss those days…ah well, guess there’s no reason to avoid doing these things and 55!
    Great photos,

  16. I mean, “…no reason to avoid doing these things at 55!”

  17. Beautiful and fascinating blog…

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