The sand in california.

study hard…the cali version.

studying outside in the grass @ SBCC campus

It’s almost finals week and everyone is busy with studying! But since I hate sitting in the library when the weather is so perfect I relocated my study headquarters outside to the beautiful lawn on campus :)

It sucks though, we’re all like “I’m in California, I don’t wanna spend my days sitting inside trying to focus on some boring exam questions!” Spending our thursday night at Sandbar (like almost every week, haha) sounds so tempting…! But then again I’m a rather competetive student, so far I have A’s in all but one class and I don’t want to mess that up. First world problems, I know! :P

cute little squirrel     cute little squirrel

[this cute little fella paid me company for a while. isn’t he adorable?]

studying @ SBCC campus    @ shoreline café

[studying on campus…can’t complain about the view // taking a break to grab some  lunch at Shoreline Café]

salmon @ shoreline café     brotzeit

[food coma! delicious grilled salmon @ Shoreline Café // home made Bavarian “Obazda” ♥]

I just wanna get the next week over with and then finals are over, a whole month of vacation lies ahead of me, FC Bayern München will win the Champions League final, I’m going to San Diego again and (hopefully) to Washington, D.C. and New York City!!! Can’t wait!

Any other ideas what to do around the Santa Barbara area? I’m gonna have a lot of time to kill…! If you guys know of any great activities or places to visit (preferably within reach of public transport or bike), shoot!

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4 thoughts on “study hard…the cali version.

  1. good luck with your finals! 頑張ってね!

    and did i spot a marc jacobs bag? :D

  2. what are you studying in california!

    • thesandincalifornia. on said:

      My major here is history but I’m only here for 7 months so I’m not earning any degree or something. Going back to Germany to continue my studies in English and History to become a teacher ;-)

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