The sand in california.

beautiful day.

I spent my Saturday at Butterfly Beach again, definitely one of my favorite places here.

It’s also a really popular spot to get married at:

Going there by bike is much more fun than taking the Freeway:

Ansonsten ist zurzeit nicht so viel Aufregendes los gewesen, Finals gehen bald los und ich hab doch tatsächlich zu lernen angefangen! :P

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8 thoughts on “beautiful day.

  1. The photos are amazing! how long do you stay in california? xoxo

    • thesandincalifornia. on said:

      thank you :) I’m gonna be here until early August then I’ll move back to Germany. I hate the thought of it, I want to stay here!

      • You’re welcome ;) Oh wow that’s so cool! I’ve been here (redondo beach) just for about 3 weeks and I love it so far! are you here for your studies? You may should extend your stay ;)

  2. thesandincalifornia. on said:

    that’s so great, just googled it and it looks like a really cool place! Are you studying here or doin something else…? I know especially in the first couple of weeks every day feels like vacation :D
    I kinda don’t wanna go back home but on the other hand I do, my boyfriend’s waiting for me and I really wanna finish my studies at home, plus tuition here is just so expensive…! But I definitely wanna go back to Cali maybe after I graduate or something.

    • It’s a really cool place! There are some pictures on my blog too
      I’m studying english here. I have to improve my language skills ;)
      yes you’re totally right! The beach is just about 10 minutes away from where I’m staying =)
      I’m sure it’s pretty hard when there are thousands of miles betweet the two of you! What are you studying in Santa Barbara?
      And then, don’t forget your bf and take him with you ;)

      • thesandincalifornia. on said:

        it looks so beautiful, I read somewhere that they used to film the OC on that pier…? Now I really wanna go there, haha. I’m studying history here, at home I used to study history, english and social studies.

        • it really is! Yes that’s true, they filmed some scenes on the Redondo pier but actually it’s not that special ;) Oh cool! so you’re going to finish your studies in Germany?
          Let me know if you’re comining for a visit ;)

  3. You’re photos are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them with us!

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