The sand in california.

Venice Beach.

Yesterday I went on a little day trip to Venice Beach with Jenny, Emma, Veronica and Mary. It’s a really beautiful drive down there on the Pacific Coast Hwy, passing through Malibu and Santa Monica…I definitely have to go back there very soon and explore those places more. Especially the amazing Santa Monica Pier is on top of my list!

Anyways, Venice…it’s a really cool place, but definitely different from what I’d expected. Maybe it’s just me, but I thought it would be a rather fancy place with lots of beautiful and rich people living there like Santa Monica, but it’s more chill and just very different…definitely worth a visit!


[lifeguards at the beach…remind me so much of watching Baywatch when I was a kid…]


[some cool houses and street art.]


[Muscle Beach, an outdoor gym where men with wayyy to many muscles show off their bodies in teeny-tiny speedos // a turtle with two heads displayed outside a “Freakshow” place…I felt sorry for the poor fella.]


[Jenny wearing her adorable sunglasses and Emma with the hottest beard in town.]

Thank you guys for this fun trip!

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4 thoughts on “Venice Beach.

  1. Frances on said:

    You have to come down and visit me then when i move there in the fall! :)

    • thesandincalifornia. on said:

      Aww I didn’t know you were moving down there! Are you gonna be here during summer or going back to Sweden? I’m going back home in August but definitely coming back for a visit as soon as I can. And then we’ll party it up in Venice!

  2. schaut top aus! wart ihr nur einen tag oder länger?

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