The sand in california.

occupy Santa Barbara & more randomness.

I took a picture of that guy walking along the beach promenade the other day. It was actually rather sad to look at because he was all alone and nobody really gave a f***… 

Well, what else have I been up to lately? Not much, really! Went to the beach a lot, that’s for sure…! Last weekend the SBCC international soccer tournament took place but I missed out on most of the fun since I spent my Saturday sick in bed…Sunday was much better and at least I got to see the semi finals and finals.

Not many exciting stories to tell this time…so here’s a bunch of random but lovely pictures from the last couple of weeks:

[picture my friend Rebecka took a couple of weeks ago on the cafeteria terrace.]


[another beautiful shot from Butterfly Beach, taken by Tess // indulging in the best fries in Santa Barbara and sipping on Mango Mojitos at the pier // taking photos like a boss in San Francisco.]

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