The sand in california.

Golden Gate, Alcatraz & Muir Woods National Park.

San Francisco part II here we go! On Wednesday we got up quite early and drove to Golden Gate Bridge to do the obligatory panoramic photo shoot :) The weather wasn’t exactly pretty so I had to play around with my camera to get at least some shades of red and green out of my pictures (and not only grey, grey and more grey). The view was still amazing though, everyone knows the bridge is gigantic but it’s so much more impressing in real life. Breathtakingly beautiful!

After that, we drove to the Muir Woods National Park, where you can see some really huge redwood trees- no comparison to the ‘tiny’ ones in the Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens!


Muir Woods was a little tricky to find, at least for our GPS, so we were pretty late and had to hurry to get to our next destination: Pier 33 from where the ferry to Alcatratz took off!


Alcatraz is worth seeing, although I have to admit that I didn’t find it as exciting as I thought it would be. The tour with the audio guides is interesting and narrated by former inmates and guards which is pretty cool. I don’t know what I expected, I guess I thought it would be more creepy and give me the chills constantly. Nevertheless, it’s an amazing location to take pictures at, the buildings are all run-down and look really depressing, which definitely creates the right atmosphere on that island.


[the picture in the middle was actually not taken at Alcatraz, but at some bunker at the Golden Gate viewpoint. I just thought it would be a nice fit here.]


[notice how the stars & stripes emblem spells ‘FREE’]

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2 thoughts on “Golden Gate, Alcatraz & Muir Woods National Park.

  1. I really enjoyed looking at your photos. I travelled to San Francisco in 1998 but unfortunately this was before I discovered my love of photography. One of my enduring memories of that trip is seeing my friend jump out of his skin when the sound of the cell doors slamming shut was played on the Alacatraz audio guide – priceless!

    • the sand in california. on said:

      haha that sounds fun! I really liked the audio tour and that they had the prison guards and inmates narrate the stories, made it sound much more authentic than the usual artificial audioguide voices.

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