The sand in california.

the streets of San Francisco…

Last week was spring break and we made a trip up to San Francisco! This has definitely been the most beautiful and exciting city I’ve visited in the U.S. so far, I love the streets, the people, the nature surrounding it…We met up with my cousin Fredi, who’ll be there until October, and did some serious sightseeing and also a little shopping (hello MBMJ!) We also checked out the SF nightlife, and except for the very rude cab drivers we all had a very good time :D And now get ready for some serious photo overload:


[riding the cable cars through the beautiful streets.]


[strolling around Fisherman’s Wharf, dropping by Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. and eating the classic Clam Chowder in a bread bowl for lunch.]


[going up Coit Tower and enjoying the city skyline.]


[city streets – north beach area & downtown.]

[the Transamerica Pyramid.]


[some nice street art close to our hotel.]


[City Hall.]

[guy driving next to us on the freeway. and he didn’t at all look like he could live up to what his license plate promised :P ]

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3 thoughts on “the streets of San Francisco…

  1. San Francisco was my favourite city we visited in the US. Cannot wait to go back! You don’t happen to know off-hand which street the whale mural was on? It looks so familiar…

  2. the sand in california. on said:

    as a matter of fact I do, it was on O’Farrell and Polk st! :)

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