The sand in california.

SB weekends.

Hello partypeople! We’re leaving for San Francisco tomorrow morning, but I thought I’m gonna show you some funny pictures I took over the last couple of weekends. The cute little glittery penis was part of a funny headband we gave Jackie for her surprise birthday party last wednesday, gotta love it!

Of course, we played some drinking games…

…I tried to practice some of my new japanese skills on a random white board XD:

[it reads oppai and apparently that means boobs in japanese :P]

my favorite way to end the night: afterparty in the hot tub…

…the morning after: on our way to some delicious (late) breakfast at IHOP:

[with Carl, Peter, Robert and Tess – suggested title for the picture: walk of shame. haha]

And last but not least, a really beautiful picture I snapped at East Beach two weeks ago at the volleyball tournament.

Ich melde mich wieder, wenn ich aus San Francisco zurück bin. Das Wetter soll anscheinend besch***en werden, aber wir werden sicher trotzdem ganz viel Spaß haben!

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One thought on “SB weekends.

  1. Gorgeous photos, one amazing blog. <3
    Follow each other via Bloglovin? :))


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